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10.3-ha of private airfield
The biggest private heliport in Russia

The 10.3 hectares of CITICOPTER airfield boarders on its south side with Novorizhskoe highway (M9 Baltic federal highway), the west and north part of the heliport are surrounded by the original wildlife forest and the east part borders with unconstructed and unpopulated territory.

The CITOCOPTER facility is located in the non-populated area with low-rise building communities and absence of artificial or natural elevated obstacles which brings extra safety for helicopter operations.

In 2019 CITICOPTER performed earthworks to flatten the airfield in order to improve safety in case of emergency landing outside of apron or helipads.


sq. m of hangars


hectares of airfield


ours without holidays

24/7 VVIP confidential operations

CITICOPTER is open for customers 24/7, with day-and-night air traffic controller service and VFR night lightening equipment of the helipads.

The round-the-clock security service is certified as aviation security by Russian civil aviation authorities. Real-time video browsing and recording is performed.

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Private and highly secured heliport with direct transfer of VVIP passengers by their cars to the helicopters

The CITICOPTER customers benefit from maximum confidentiality of their transport operations and minimum time for airport formalities. The VVIP passenger can access the helicopter at the apron by their own car under the guidance of CITICOPTER security team.

The passenger’s boarding and disembarking is not accessible by side observers as the apron facility is located in the heart of the CITICOPTER territory at the significant distance from the secured airfield borders.

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3520 sq. m of hangars

5 state-of-the-art hangars joined by apron

CITICOPTER has 5 state-of-the-art hangars with the total useful surface of 3520 sq. meters. All hangars have access to the concrete apron with several helipads.

The CITICOPTER facility is connected to the municipal electricity grid, but at the same time has its own heating and electricity generation stations to be protected from the shutdowns. All hangars are heated, the indoor temperature varies within +10 to +20 Celsius centigrade (the temperature settings depend on the type of operations performed in each hangar).

The customer could accommodate their personnel at the CITICOPTER facility, as well as at several hotels located within walking distance.

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Top rated MRO

CITICOPTER performs periodical maintenance of Robinson R44 и R66, Airbus Helicopters H120 (AS350) и H130 (EC130), Leonardo AW119, AW109, AW139 и Bell 407.

Approved Russian Federal Aviation Transport Agency

Starting from spring 2017 Anosino-2 airfield (IATA/ICAO code: UUWY) is managed by CITICOPTER, which is one of the most experienced MRO facilities in Russian Federation rated or line and periodical maintenance of:

Robinson R44 R66
Airbus Helicopters H125 H130
Bell 407
Leonardo AW119 AW109 AW139

CITICOPTER is an authorized Robinson Helicopter Company service center for R44 and R66 rotorcraft.

Team of professionals

The CITICOPTER’s MRO team is staffed with experienced engineers who has deep expertise in a wide range of products from all OEMs. The company is an expert in the most complex maintenance and retrofit projects (overhauls, avionics upgrades, aircraft interior and exterior refurbishment).

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The only Russian company authorized by Safran Helicopter Engines as a distribution center for Russia and CIS countries

CITICOPTER LLC is the only Russian company certified by Safran Helicopter Engines as the distribution center for Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries for supply of Arriel and Arrius engines, as well as spare parts, tools and aftersales services for these powerplants.

CITICOPTER has invested in development of spare parts and tools stock for the maintenance of Arriel and Arrius engines within Russia and CIS.

CITICOPTER’s engineers are rated for Line 1 (O level, engines installed on aircraft) and Line 2 (I level, engines removed) maintenance for Arriel 2 engines.

Full stack of aircraft park service

Aircraft operator certificate

In 2019 CITICOPTER was certified by the Russian Federal Aviation Transport Agency as the general aviation operator (certificated AON-08-19-132 dated 22.11.2019) authorized for domestic and international flights.

CITICOPTER provides helicopter owners with the full range of fleet management services: CAMO, maintenance, hangar storage, flight operations, human resources management.

Domestic network

Maintenance footprint in 5 Russian cities

In addition to its main facility at Anosino-2 airfield CITICOPTER has settled its maintenance teams in the following cities within Russian Federation:

  • Odintsovo (Moscow region) –
    maintenance facility for Leonardo AW109SP
  • Velsk (Arkhangelsk region) –
    maintenance of Airbus Helicopters H130
  • Voronezh (Voronezh region) –
    maintenance of Airbus Helicopters H125 and H130
  • Nizhny Novgorod (Nizhny Novgorod region) –
    maintenance of Airbus Helicopters H125
  • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Sakhalin region) –
    maintenance of Airbus Helicopters H130

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Certified fuel provider

24/7 certified refueling facility for JET A and 100LL

CITICOPTER’s certified refueling station has always available JET A (TS-1) fuel and 100LL avgas.

The rated refueling personnel is 24/7 on duty.

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Moscow premises within 20 minutes’ drive by Novorizhskoe highway (part of M9 Baltic federal highway)

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